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Regiani Holistic Dental Center

Holistic Dentistry

“Holistic” means different things to different people. Some think it is because we do not place mercury-silver fillings. That’s just the beginning. Every material we use—from start to finish—is chosen for three reasons: biocompatibility, durability and beauty. Every process is chosen for the way it interacts with the rest of your body.

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We still remove tooth decay in a traditional manner. Then we look for reasons why your teeth (stronger than bone) melted away. Maybe it’s your diet, perhaps your pH is out of balance, or the dissimilar metals in your mouth may have caused corrosion. Let’s find out.

While we’re at it, teeth do have specific relationships to various areas and organs in your body. We can work with your physician, chiropractor, allergist, cardiologist and other health care providers to bring you to a healthier state overall.

Do you have periodontal (gum) disease? Your skin shouldn’t bleed when you touch it, and neither should your gums. You’ll see your own plaque sample under our microscope to learn what is causing the problem so it can be treated effectively.

Bad bites, TMJ issues, sleep apnea are all dental conditions that affect your body overall. We have the expertise to evaluate and treat them once and for all.

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